Mutation de l'îlot Boissière à Montreuil


 Montreuil (93)


 Ville de Montreuil


 2 ha


 Mission en cours

Transforming Boissière

The « Natural Corridor » is deployed according to the scale of the Haut Montreuil neighborhood.  The idea is to overhaul the fragmented inner-clusters of different blocks by connecting them according to a North-South axis that is already perceptible at the terrain. It also allows to connect the neighborhood to the new public transport stations (the subway during the first phase, then, the tramway). Neighboring streets are requalified to be used for fast connections and parking spots, allowing to unencumber the clusters that will host soft connections.

This pedestrian pathway starts at the Boissière block and crosses the alleys that lead to individual houses, abandoned areas next to housing projects and playgrounds.It is bordered by gutters that collect rainwater to a resevoir. The pathway expands according to the spaces it crosses as it becomes a playground, a meeting area or a place for cultural events.

The historical market hall within the block transforms into a community equipment that brings people together, as it connects two different streets and the boulevard. It breathes life into the « Natural Corridor » and solves the need for public space due to the new subway station.